• Thank you so much for your work. Saturday was a good day. I felt very renewed and uplifted. I felt light (as in release) in my chest and across to my shoulders. I had some new ideas for business. In general I am feeling more positive and relaxed.
  • Wow!! I honestly feel much happier. One other thing that just dawned on me-I have had a dull headache for like 3 straight days now-But I dont have it anymore!! GEE thanks...Felt so good this am didnt even think about the nagging headache ive been carrying.- Tracy B., Kansas City MO USA
  • You dont realise how much you have helped us. Thanks a million.- Patricia G., Adelaide, South Australia
  • I've felt wonderful since....calmer and not so *jagged*. Thank You.
  • "I wanted you to know that I still use the meditation you gave me in my homework. The energy vampires at work used to drain my energy, but now I do a short version of the meditation and they don't bother me any more! They've started bothering other people instead. I feel bad for the ones who they are picking on now, but now I feel good about going into work again. I can't tell you how much this means to me. You are such a gifted healer. Thank you so much." - Maria D. Dallas TX USA
  • "You have given me a new lease on life. I didn't really expect a miracle and I didn't get one. But I feel happy again for the first time in ages. Thank you. This means a great deal to me." - Hellan G. Sydney, Australia
  • Dr Moore, does not guarantee miracles, but neither does he rule them out. Results depend on many factors. Yet having these healings 7 days in a row can be a powerful way to bring in a steady positive influence. We can relax when we know that this strong healing is happening every day and with that relaxation, we move into acceptance and trust. This is where the magic comes in. It is when we move into acceptance and trust that miracles can happen.
  • Dr Moore, Thank you so much for your love, time and energy shared in the healings. As you know, I'm asleep when you do the sessions. This morning, I was sleeping but woke up around 4:00 am for a short period of time. I was aware of my angels nearby which gave me peace and I fell back asleep for a couple of more hours. When I awoke again, I felt so rested!! I have continued to feel new energy and peace within all day today !! I look forward to tomorrow's session!! You have a wonderful gift, dear friend. God Bless you and thank you again for sharing your light with me (and so many others). Love and Blessings, Carol H.  
  • “It was amazing to watch you in action. You certainly hit the nail on the head with each of our members, uncanny success with people you have never known before. Your knowledge can be a valuable contributor to decision making at any level, and I know we are inspired to use your services for that.” - CEO of ELS
  • “Dr Moore’s system is the single most valuable tool I know of for effective communication. I interview thousands of people, and I use these skills all the time.” Adam Jones - Head of HR Department.
  • Dr Rita (Psychologist)
    I never realized how much our faces tell others until I spent time learning about the characteristics our unique attributI never realized how much our faces tell others until I spent time learning about the characteristics our unique attributes display…. I highly recommend investing the time to have Dr Moore read your face personally. You’ll be shocked and amazed at the detail and accuracy!” – Dr Rita (Psychologist)
    Dr Rita (Psychologist)
  • CEO - Mnc
    “Photo and face reading is the SECRET WEAPON You Must Have! I wish so much I had learned this earlier in my career! If you work with people — if your career depends on your ability to read and influence others — if you’re looking for a statistically proven way to instantly read friends, family, colleagues, and clients — learn from Dr Moore now!
    CEO - Mnc
  • “Each time Dr Moore appeared in our meeting room, people from all over would line up for Face Readings. Time and again, his accuracy would blow them away.” – Michelle Lee
  • “I have been attending Dr Moore Photo Reading classes for the last couple years now. Dr Moore consistently demonstrates a depth of understanding others and doing so with great accuracy and finesse. He is warm, compassionate, and nurturing to his class . . . . It has been and continues to be fun and stimulating in learning and applying the information to real life situations. - Isabel, Owner of Skin Centre.

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